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  • Herbal remedies specifically formulated for the dry western climate
  • Relief from allergies, sinus conditions and coughs without drying you out
  • All natural, safe and effective herbal remedies

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Dr. Dave’s Herbal Medicine has a new owner.  My name is Mandy Hemmert.  I am a licensed pharmacist, based out of Gunnison, CO.   As many of you know, the Dr. Dave’s company was founded by Dave Teitler, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist.  He started the company with the idea to make remedies specifically formulated for the dry western climate.  After a hiatus and a bump in the road with an interim owner, Dave and I will now be working closely together to maintain the original integrity of the formulas and reestablish the customer service that Dave is proud to have associated with his name.

As a past customer of Dr. Dave’s products, I became concerned when the products became unavailable, as several of the remedies had become part of my family’s daily routine.  I finally connected with Dave personally and became the owner in December, 2016.   As a pharmacist, I am constantly seeking natural remedies and products for patients to minimize the overuse of pharmaceuticals.  I have personally found that natural and herbal remedies are a better fit for me and my family and believe in promoting their use.

I am excited for this opportunity and hope you will give me the chance to show we will be providing the high quality remedies and customer service you have come to know as a customer of Dr. Dave’s!

Mandy Hemmert, Dr. Dave’s