Throat Zap

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Immediate relief from early stage cold/flu with sore throat or fever:

  • use at onset or cold or flu with sore throat, fever or runny nose
  • based on the famous Chinese medicine formula Yin Qiao
  • liquid format allows herbs to be dropped directly into throat for instant relief
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Throat Zap is a natural remedy based on the famous Chinese herbal formula Yin Qiao.  This formula was developed in 1798 for use during the early stages of a cold or flu with symptoms such as a sore throat and fever. It continues to be the standard to this day.

In Throat Zap, we augment the traditional formula by adding two potent anti-viral herbs, Isatis Root and Echinacea. Throat Zap is best used at the onset of symptoms.  The most effective way to use Throat Zap is to drop the tincture into the back of the tongue and let it run down the throat.  This way, the herbs, along with the alcohol they are tinctured in, will work exactly where they are needed to maximize its effect.  It can be used frequently, even every hour or two, at the onset of symptoms.

Throat Zap augments the traditional formula by adding two potent anti-viral herbs, Isatis Root and Echinacea. I believe the best way to knock out a cold is to hit it hard, hit it early and hit it often. I recommend a dose of Throat Zap every hour or two at the onset of a cold or sore throat.


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2 reviews for Throat Zap

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gwen Garcelon

    I took this when I got a sore throat and it helped me kick whatever was trying to get hold of me in just a few days. Dave’s stuff always helps my immune system do it’s thing faster and stronger!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I rate this product a 5 … Normally when I travel by airplane it’s followed by a nasty cold. However on my recent trip I took “Throat Zap” 3 squirts before boarding, 3 squirts while on flight, 3 squirts at destination … I continued to use it during my visit and then followed the same system when it was time to return home. I STAYED HEALTHY … A PLUS FOR ME …

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