Bring balance back to your body:

  • relief from hot flashes and nightsweats
  • nourishing, moistening and heat clearing herbs formulated to restore balance
  • all natural, safe and effective ingredients without side effects

Available in 2-ounce and 4-ounce sizes.

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Meno-Pause is formulated in accordance of the Chinese medicine principles of Yin and Yang. If the body has too much Yang energy (heat, rising energy) and not enough Yin energy (moisture, coolness, blood) an imbalance will occur where diminishing Yin can not counter-balance a preponderance of Yang.

Menopause is a tyime of diminishing Yin (less blood to give each month, dryness) and therefore a preonderance of Yang, thus the heat symptoms of hot flashes, sweats, etc. Meno-Pause helps balance the body by increasing and nourishing Yin while sedating and cooling Yang. Meno-Pause is best used for several months to achieve the best results.

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