Immune Boosting

Boosting the Immune System

Dang GuiLike a moat around a castle, the immune system keeps pathogens which cause colds and flu from entering and harming your body. In times of peace, defenders of the castle dig the moat wider and deeper.

In human terms, we strengthen our immune system during times of peace- when we are not sick. During these times, we eat well, exercise regularly, manage stress and take herbs to boost our immune system. Then, when the time comes to do battle, we will be strong, resilient and ready.

A common misunderstanding in the world of herbal medicine is it is proper to take immune stimulating herbs while sick. When the barbarians attack, do you get out the shovels and dig the moat wider and deeper? No, you get out the cannons, spears, hot oil and fight back! When sick, we must stand up and push the pathogenic influences from our body. That's what a fever is, the body fighting back. We must assist the body with anti-viral/anti-bacterial and diaphoretic (sweat inducing) herbs to fight back, thereby restoring order to the castle.

Once order is restored and peaceful times have returned, we pick up the shovel again and resume digging the moat wider and deeper.

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