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  • Herbal remedies specifically formulated for the dry western climate
  • Relief from allergies, sinus conditions and coughs without drying you out
  • All natural, safe and effective herbal remedies

Seasonal Products

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…because Dr. Dave’s understands dryness! In dry climates like ours, it is important not to dry phlegm when treating respiratory conditions such as allergies, chronic sinusitis or a dry cough. This serves only to cement in already dry phlegm. At Dr. Dave’s, our herbal remedies moisten dryness while increasing blood circulation and gently transforming phlegm, thereby relieving symptoms such as runny nose, sinus congestion, headache and cough without drying your lungs and nasal mucosa.

We specialize in the herbal treatment of seasonal allergies (hay fever), sinusitis, dry cough and immune system enhancement.

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